● Do you see any risks in the current plan? Are these being addressed as part of Future needs?

COMMUTER HELI- PORTS Grad Quality Analyst Assignment TASK ThoughtWorks has been engaged by Commuter Heli-Ports (CHP) to help revolutionize their IT systems. The company has given ThoughtWorks some background information about itself. Read the following preliminary findings to get an understanding of what the company does, who the key people are, and the project to be undertaken.

Your task is to review the material and develop a simple plan on how you would test this application.

The next step will be to present your plan and go over the plan with the stakeholders that you think are relevant. Ask any clarifying questions and make sure you understand the application well enough to adequately test it.

The goal of the workshop is to get a clear idea of how to ensure the application works as intended, what are the risks, concerns and future thoughts such that we have a clear strategy on how to ensure the application works as intended. CONTEXT CHP is an executive helicopter transportation company and was formed three years ago with two ports and two pilots; Chuck and Terry. Two years ago, the company expanded to its current state of three ports, four pilots, and an office with an office manager,

Lisa. Last year, Chuck retired from flying and another pilot was hired. The process for taking reservations and passenger manifests has not changed too much since the beginning. Now, with sights on further expansion, a new way of managing reservations and scheduling flights is required. CHP is the brainchild of Chuck “Chopper” McGraw. Chopper is a former military helicopter pilot himself who now concentrates on running the business. He is very much a people person and wants to make sure his customer’s expectations are exceeded. In order for the company to grow, Chopper knows he needs to automate things. Chopper’s business partner Lesley Tkachuk is a certified accountant and handles all the financial operations of CHP. Her priorities lay with the back-office systems. CURRENT SITUATION Each heli-port location consists of a heli-pad and a small building known as the “Heli-Shack.” The Heli-Shacks are used as an office for the pilot and as a passenger waiting area. The passenger manifest is sent to a fax machine in the office and is picked up before the flight. All reservations are called in or are walk-ups. Lisa takes all of the calls and enters them into a passenger manifest spreadsheet. Fifteen minutes before the flight, she faxes the manifest to the respective Heli-Shack. Prior to each flight, the pilot picks up the manifest off the fax machine, then verifies the passengers and calls Lisa with any “walk-up” passengers so she can add them to the manifest spreadsheet. Passengers can pay by cash, credit cards, and prepaid multi-flight tickets. FUTURE NEEDS Chopper wants passengers to be able to book and pay for flights through a website. He also wants Lisa to be able to manage flight schedules, passenger manifest, and pilot schedules through the website. Lisa still needs to be able to add passengers that call in. Pilots are to receive passenger manifests through handheld devices.

They also need to add walk-up passengers through this device. Chuck plans to expand to a total of 10 Heli-Ports by the end of next year. He is

planning to have the first two open in 6 months from now and needs to get the new reservation system in place prior to the opening of these two new heli- ports. DELIVERABLES Please submit the following two documents back to ThoughtWorks ( feel free to make assumptions just make sure to list them). ●

Provide a diagram (use any format you are comfortable with like flowchart, scenario diagrams etc) for the current process in this scenario. The diagram should try to include any existing “pain points” in the process. ●

List out possible “test scenarios” for the Future Needs. ●

List out key questions you would ask the client, if any Please limit your assignment to a maximum of 2-3 pages.

Prepare the following for the discussion during the interview (you don’t have to submit any documentation for these):



If not, what would you suggest? ● As a passenger how would you like to see the system work?