2.3 Rhetorical Analysis Essay 2.3 Rhetorical Analysis Essay Objectives:

2.3 Rhetorical Analysis Essay 2.3 Rhetorical Analysis Essay Objectives: ● Apply critical reading techniques to text ● Compose a rhetorical analysis essay ● Evaluate how personal context influences a perspective ● Summarize, respond to, and document sources Instructions: For this assignment, you will apply the techniques of rhetorical analysis from Chapter 4 to an article on recycling. Choose one article to read, analyze,

and write about (if you access the articles off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your M number). You may continue with one of the articles you summarized for an earlier assignment or select another article from Chapter 2 except for “It’s Time to Phase Out Single-Use Plastic.” Review the following concepts that you need to use in the analysis: rhetorical situation and appeals to logos, ethos, and pathos (Introduction chapter);

elements/structure of argument including refutation (Chapter 1); rhetorical situation, context, means of persuasion, rhetorical strategies, and stylistic techniques (Chapter 4). Review your earlier assignments and discussion posts on recycling articles prior to the analysis. You will write to an imaginary critic as your audience. Understand that your imaginary critic is skeptical and needs convincing. Requirements: ● Approximately

1000 words, plus a Works Cited page in MLA Format. Don’t forget your in-text citations! Tips: ● To see a sample paper, read the article “Terror’s Purse Strings” by Dana Thomas on pages 118-119 and the following sample rhetorical analysis of the article on pages 119-121. This sample student’s paper is structured similarly to the assigned paper. Pay attention to the marginal comments and notice how the student states the claim and moves through the analysis of different rhetorical elements. ● To gather a few more ideas for analysis, please view this page on The

Rhetorical Situation. ● Please review the MLA lesson available in this weekly folder. ● You can start with the Template for Writing a Rhetorical Analysis on page 123. ● To make sure your paper meets the expectations for this assignment, review the page with “Tips for Rhetorical Analysis Essay” that follows and consider the grading rubric for the assignment included in this weekly folder. ● If you have questions about the assignment, post them to Q&A Topic on the Discussions