Alzheimers Disease – What are the causes, treatment, and impact (socially, politically, and economically) on the individual and their family?

2-3 pages (excluding title page and reference page). Minimum of 3 peer-reviewed references included. Double-spaced. 12-point Times New Roman font. 1 margins. Use third-person narrative. Do not use contractions (e.g., arent, cant, didnt, wasnt).

Three major sections: title page, main body, and reference page.

SafeAssign will be used to verify originality  It is crucial that you back up what you are saying with evidence

. For each claim you make, ask yourself, How do I know this?

Do not discuss personal details about you or people you know. Stick to discussing the research

 You should provide a citation for where paraphrased information camefrom. Improper paraphrasing is a form of plagiarism (i.e., when someone takes a directquote from elsewhere and just changes a few words)