American History Submit a 5-7 page research paper (1,500 words minimum

I have chosen to do this research paper about Cesar Chavez! below are the instructions provided by my professor. Busy with a 2 year old son at home and don’t have time to do it myself. Make sure it is your OWN work. Final PORTFOLIO PART B: Written Paper – Influential Individual in

American History Submit a 5-7 page research paper (1,500 words minimum) about an individual who had a significant impact on US history from the time period covered by the course. The individual can be a political leader, a writer or an artist, or a figure from any other field (religion,

business, education, etc.). Your paper should be based on at least five sources, including TWO scholarly journal articles and TWO primary sources, and provide the following information about the person: An explanation for why this person was an important historical figure. Biographical information (childhood, education, occupation). Information about the era in which they lived – what were the major events or

problems of the country during that period that affected your subject? The historical legacy of the person – what did they accomplish, did they change the world, whom did they influence? A conclusion about what was important about the person and the era they lived in. A clear bibliography that labels your two primary sources and two scholarly journal articles. You must include and cite at least one other quality source.

Note,, wikipedia, etc. are not considered quality sources for this paper. You are expected to cite throughout the paper – if you present a fact, it needs to be cited to the source where you found that fact. The paper must be well-organized and you must use MLA citation Format