Analyze an interpersonal communication problem

Analyze an interpersonal communication problem or practice in this artifact
through the lens of readings on self-concept and identity, social
construction, perception, identity management, or self-disclosure. Analyze an artifact
that strongly interests you, as you will need to study it closely. Focus on a single interpersonal
communication practice and analyze what is going on in the artifact (e.g. point out all of the
evidence you see of a character in a sitcom managing identity in a particular way). You do not
need a thesis for this paper although you may comment on whether the character’s (or multiple
characters’) behavior helps or hinders their communication; your goal is simply to analyze one
specific facet of interpersonal communication in the artifact. Do not try to address all of the
interpersonal communication in the artifact—doing so will only hinder you in engaging in a
detailed analysis. If you have questions regarding your choice of topic or the development of
your argument, please speak to me or to one of the course Assistants in time to benefit from