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Clubhouse is an audio-based app where users can participate in different chat rooms with a wide range of topics. These rooms are audio-only and disappear forever once the chat has finished.

The concept is fairly straightforward, but the dynamics of each room varies wildly depending on who is in control and how many people are listening.

Rooms can have just a couple of people or a few thousand, and can last a few minutes or several hours.

Everything is live conversations arent saved or viewable after the fact and people are free to jump from room to room. As the app has grown, so has its users creativity. In addition to the usual Q&As, interviews and other talk show style rooms, Clubhouse has played host to book clubs and professional networking events. There are rooms dedicated to career tips, dating, comedy, music and so much more. 

For communicators, Clubhouse rooms provide an opportunity to share brand messaging and connect with consumers and stakeholders in an authentic and engaging way — through conversation.  Please write a blog post for this assignement, the instuctions can be found in the attached powerpoint. Make sure to follow all requirements