Article Review Environmental Racism

5-6 pages roughly 1 page per section. Attached are two articles one qualitative and one quantitative.  The term/research project should contain five separate sections. Each section should address the following aspects of research. Label each section with the appropriate heading (Section 1, Section 2, etc.) Section 1:Present an overview of each article. In this section, you should identify the theoretical basis for the research, and the hypothesis that each article intends to support. Section 2:In this section you should address three central questions related to the direct application of methods used within the articles.

The first issue relates to a discussion on the type of theoretical model used to conduct the research. Next you should discuss the process of population sampling used, and the method by which the sample was extracted for the studies. Finally, you should examine how the researchers dealt with the questions of validity and reliability within the studies.Section 3:In section three you will need to critically evaluate the underlying research hypothesis of each article, and assess alternative methods of analysis and research design which could have been applied to the research. In selecting these alternative methods, you should also seek to examine what other possible findings might have been uncovered within the research, and how these alternative findings might have shed different light on the research that was conducted. This section of the report will require that the student engage in both critical thinking and reflection on the materials presented within the text and notes. Ultimately, this section will evaluate the student’s mastery of the concepts of research as presented within the course.Section 4: You should now examine and compare the differences between both quantitative and qualitative research methods. In this section, you should play the part of a “devil’s advocate” by arguing for the opposite approach. Namely, if the article is quantitative in nature, then switch the model to a qualitative format, and argue for the strength that such an approach would have in revealing further aspects of research not obtained in the original model.

Then do the same for the other article, for instance a qualitative approach. In essence, seek to clarify how a different approach adds to our deeper understanding of the issue being researched, and what benefits such an approach gives an individual public administrator seeking to address this specific area of public policy.Section 5:The final section seeks to recognize that all social science research has a somewhat subjective aspect based on underlying assumptions, and is often challenged, in public forums, by opposing groups or interests. Critique each article on the basis of how the experimental model, and underlying assumptions, might be challenged on methodological grounds by those groups or interest opposing the views of the authors.

The final report you prepare should be between 12 and 15 pages long (not including cover page), typed, double spaced, and a typical font and font size. Use the APA citation method.The Term/Research Project must be posted to Canvas as an MS Word attachment. See syllabus for deadline.Sample format:Section 1:Your quantitative articleYour qualitative articleSection 2:Your quantitative articleYour qualitative articleSection 3:Your quantitative articleYour qualitative articleSection 4:Your quantitative articleYour qualitative articleSection 5:Your quantitative articleYour qualitative article