Assessment cost per participant: $50.00.

Assessment cost per participant: $50.00.
Using the following assumptions, create the project budget. Note that this is a two-year budget so you will need to show both years. Also, calculate the initial ROI for this project. You do not have to consider the time value of money in this problem.
Calculate the break-even point of sales units in year 1 and year 2.
Assume that Blazer reevaluates the sales potential of this project, and realizes that it will likely only sell half as many new units per year
than it initially expected when it first started thinking about this project. Would you recommend that Blazer proceed with the project or
not? Explain your answer.
o Requirements: Present the budget in a table or spreadsheet. Show enough detail so that it is clear how your numbers were derived. Write your answer to the last question in sentences with a full explanation. Blazer Corporation is considering a training project for its employees. This will be a two-year project with expected cost savings each year. The project will involve purchasing new tablet devices for customer service personnel. Of course, the personnel receiving the tables will need to learn how to use the new software. The staff will also be taught new customer service skills and sales skills in an effort to upsell the customers and create more sales income in the future.
1. There are 22 customer service representatives on staff.
2. The tablets will cost $475 per device. The tablets will last for 2 years or more. Annual insurance on the devices will be $25 per device. There will be no price increase on the insurance for Year 2.
3. The new customer service software subscription will cost $55.00 per year
per device. There will be no price increase in Year 2.
4. The initial training cost on the new software will be $2,750 for all 22 of
the customer service representatives. In Year 2, there will be a refresher
course for new representatives, and that course will cost $100 per
participant. Blazer estimates that it will have a 50% turnover in its
customer service representatives for Year 2.
5. The customer service skills seminar will have the following costs. Except for the assessments, these costs will only be incurred in the first year.
a. Seminar speaker: $2,000.00
b. Books and materials: $975.00
c. Lunch for participants: $15.00 per participant
d. Assessment cost per participant: $50.00. Assessments will be conducted on all customer service staff in Year 1 and all new staff
in Year 2.
6. Blazer expects to sell an additional 2,750 of its product in Year 1 because of this program. Blazer has a profit margin of $10 on each unit it sells. Blazer expects to realize an additional 3,750 units of sales in Year 2 with the same profit margin.
7. Ignore time value of money in this budget.