Assignment 3 – Semester-Long Enterprise Project Design / Plan

Assignment 3 – Semester-Long Enterprise Project Design / Plan / Pitch a New Enterprise. Develop a viable enterprise with a unique innovation, a feasible business model, and a convincing pitch for customers.  Worth: 40% of course grade  Due: End of April  Deliverables: A. Pitch

Deck / Presentation B. Excel Workbook (.xlsx) (One Year Expected P&L Account) C. Project Design Document (.docx, or .pdf) Criteria for

Excellence in your Projects Opportunity, vs. ‘idea’ · Market sector, rising (shown through data/stories) · Problem/Need, well described. Solution is viable Value Creation: Strong · Innovative Offering · Customer Service, Satisfaction · Clear target customer, who is known to you in some way

Product/Service Delivery · Resources are well utilized; new ones are created when needed · Product Quality: COGS, well specified throughout · Team Capabilities are well-aligned with core enterprise tasks/systems Viability – Financial, and Longitudinal · PROJECTIONS are well-

considered, and are reasonable; especially if you communicated directly with some of your potential customers. · Feasibility Analysis – Confirms fiscal viability, including coverage for first months’ losses · Financials are clear: Each variable (row, column, i.e. set of information) is named,

each worksheet is self-explanatory; as a whole the spreadsheets should “speak for themselves.” Value-Based Organizing · Your Values are expressed within the enterprise · At least one of these is embedded in your business model, i.e. in some way that you interact with your

customers, suppliers, etc. · Ideally, your offering improves the world in some way Presentation itself · Well designed. Clear logic, outcomes achieved · Well delivered, by each member (if a team) and as a whole. · Technical mastery of some kind, either in your slide designs, or video

editing. OVERALL Effect / Affect · Your pitch is convincing. I love what you’ve done; I trust your logic, and I’m impressed! · I’m IN with full support!! Project Design Document(4pages): · 2 pages for Overall Product Description and design · 2 pages for Market Potential and research

Excel Workbook: Expected Profit and Loss Account for One Year Pitch Deck/Presentation: Prepare a presentation for the product. Including P&L Account. Presentation should look like a Pitch to investors



Assignment 3 – Semester-Long Enterprise Project Design / Plan refers to a long-term project that students undertake during a semester in a course. The assignment requires the students to develop a design or plan for an enterprise project, which can be a business, organization, or initiative.

The students are expected to identify a problem or a need within their community or a specific sector and develop a comprehensive plan to address the issue. The plan should include details such as the objectives of the project, the target audience, the budget, the timeline, the resources required, and the evaluation plan.

The project should be designed to be achievable within the semester timeline and should incorporate real-world scenarios and practical applications. The assignment requires students to demonstrate their critical thinking, problem-solving, and project management skills, as well as their ability to work in teams.

Overall, Assignment 3 – Semester-Long Enterprise Project Design / Plan is designed to help students develop a practical understanding of project design and management, while also providing them with an opportunity to make a positive impact on their community or a specific sector.