Assignment Description: Each of the following reports should be 2 pages

Assignment Description: Each of the following reports should be 2 pages or 500 words minimum, double spaced, font-size 12-Times New

Roman with one-inch margins on all sides written in APA format. To complete the Field Observations Report, Essay I include the following: Field Observations Report Part I: • First evaluate the school environments and then the organizational structures of the school where you are

conducting your field observations. Focus on underlying attitudes about (1) diversity, (2) differences, and (3) inclusion. Next, draw a map of the classroom and list factors to look for in an environment that values diversity. Show on your map where the classroom and/or school early

education programs do and do not demonstrate a diverse environment. Write a brief description of what the staff makeup is at the school setting. • After observing an early childhood class, note when the teacher uses one of the methods from a theorist discussed in chapter 1. Also note any

toys or class materials that could be attributed to Froebel, Piaget, Dewey, or Montessori. • Evaluate a teacher’s weekly lesson plan to determine if the activities match a theorist and explain why. • Take the word pictures from chapter 3, page 53-59 and go and visit a class. Using the word

pictures identify the age and ability of the child observed. Were the word pictures helpful? Accurate? Explain. Did you observe the classroom teacher using developmentally appropriate practice based on what you observed using the word pictures? Explain. Make sure to refer to your textbook, remember we’re linking theory (what’s in the textbook) to practice (what you learn from the field observations). Featured Video:

Planning for an Inclusive Classroom. This video will give you many suggestions on how to make your classroom welcoming and accessible for all students. You can access textbook on [email protected] Username: [email protected] Password: 13H@neUni$Dani -Go to

oTECA 1311 course -Once you access the course scroll on the side and click learning materials -Then press access textbook and mind tap. -There will be the book. -Book name is “gordon beginning essentials in early childhood”