Bibliographic Information

This paper assignment is to review a graphic novel. A review is not a book report. In a book report, the largest part of the paper is the summary. In a book report, you recount details about the plot, the characters, and the setting. A book review, however, is an analysis of the book. In it you give a brief summary for context and then critically analyze the author’s intent, the author’s argument, the literary (and artistic) devices used in the book. For our purposes, your focus should also include another aspect of the work: it’s place in the historical setting. The graphic novel that you are reviewing is fictional, but could it have happened? Is the historical setting accurate? You will need to consult outside sources to determine this. I will require one primary source and one scholarly source. Through your analysis you will also discuss the strengths and weakness of the work.
Papers should be 800-1200 words, double spaced, with 1-inch margins in a 12-point font and should include your name. Paginate your paper and submit it via BlackBoard before the submission deadline. Remember to use active voice and to avoid jargon, slang or cliché. You must use either Chicago/Turabian, or MLA format for references. Whichever format that you decide upon, be consistent throughout the paper.

Below is sample structure:

I.Bibliographic Information
*Use chosen citation format (i.e. author last name, first name. Title. Publication City: Publisher, Publication Year.)
1.Start strong. Maybe use a particularly compelling quote from the book.
2.Purpose of the book. What is the author’s intent? Who is the audience?
3.Possibly author background information and some significant facts.
1.Thesis/argument of the book
I.How the thesis/argument is developed.
II.Brief review of plot, characters etc.
III.What literary devices are used?
IV.The role of the artwork in the argument
IV.Critical analysis
1.How well the author achieved his directive and reached intended audience by:
I.Critically assess the organization
II.Critically assess the style (word choice, paragraph structure, wit, readability, length, etc.)
III.Critically assess the presentation (visual elements: font choice, use of color, style of drawings)
2.How well the work fit in the historical context*
I.Does the author use historical support? (footnotes/endnotes, quotes, etc.) and how well?
II.Is this a fair representation or misrepresentation of a historical event?
I.The book is fiction, but COULD it have happened?
II.For books that are memoirs: how typical is their story? If it is an outlier, what is the experience they aren’t sharing?
III.Does the book fit the current interpretation of the events? Does it challenge them?
IV.Were their liberties taken with the truth (exaggerations/hyperboles).
I.Were they errors or deliberate artistic choices?
II.What were the goal of those choices and were they successful.
3.Is this work filling a gap that existed during the time of publication? Is it still useful now?
IV. Conclusion
1.Review how convincingly the argument was made.
2.Talk about this book’s place in the understanding of the topic.
3.Your overall opinion.
4.Would you recommend for the intended audience?