“Blockchain/Crypto News discussion blog”

“Blockchain/Crypto News discussion blog”
This is the place you will post news on Blockchain/crypto “themes” along with your insights and experiences. There are a minimum number of posts required by each student for this forum. Flooding the board at the end of the semester is not allowed.
Individually, you will explore the current environment of IT. The idea is to explore blockchain/cryptocurrency news.
This exercise is intended to help you build the habit of constantly scanning your business environment for new information that can have blockchain relevance.
Prepare a 1 page (typed, double-spaced, 12-point font) summary.
The first paragraph will contain a brief synopsis of article, and the second half will focus on your personal reflection of the items raised. You will also include a hyperlink to the original article. As a suggestion, focus on the insights, issues, and illustrations covered and your impressions of the same. (This should also be posted in the Blockchain/crypto News blog on Canvas). Please NOTE writing a short paragraph will result in ZERO grade.