Briefly describes its importance and/impact to professional nursing,

. See the attachments for easier instructions and links. For this assignment, you will complete and submit Part 1 of your Professional Nursing Issues Paper. The components of the paper are spread throughout the semester, culminating in the final paper due at the end. The American

Nurses Association (ANA) has identified important issues facing Nurses today – Safe Staffing, Home Health, Nursing Home Staffing, Health Reform, Safe Patient Handling and Mobility, Veterans Health Administration – to name a few. The ANA also actively writes and disseminates position statements on current issues and trends in nursing practice. These position statements “guide the profession, amplify the views of

nursing, and educate consumers and decision makers” (ANA, n.d.a). They also provide “an explanation, a justification, or a recommendation for a course of action in particular situations” (ANA, n.d.b). Visit the sites below to review current nursing issues. RNAction ANA Official Position Statements Instructions: If you have not done so already, choose one of the issues that are critical to the nursing profession today. Read about the issue at the ANA website and find other reliable advocacy and nursing issues sources. You may choose an issue not listed on the website,

but this must be an issue related to professional nursing. Complete Part 1 by composing an introduction, which: Clearly introduces and defines the issue, Briefly describes its importance and/impact to professional nursing, and Discusses related legislation or the need for legislation regarding the chosen issue. Ensure your paper includes the contents and matches the writing considerations outlined in the Professional

Nursing Issues Paper Assignment Description. Observe rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation and demonstrate a good writing style and

flow as established by the APA Style Manual. Before finalizing your work for submission, you should: be sure to read the assignment description carefully (in Blackboard and as explained in the Professional Nursing Issues Paper Assignment Description); consult the grading rubric to make sure you have included everything necessary (see Grades & Rubrics); use spelling and grammar check to decrease errors; and review APA
formatting and citation information found online, in the APA manual, or elsewhere in the course. References: The American Nurses Association