Briefly state the issue: What is the problem you are discussing?

(1) Briefly state the issue: What is the problem you are discussing? For example, briefly outline the debate surrounding abortion (3-4 sentences). You can assume I am familiar with the topics listed below, so you can be brief! (2) Take a position on the issue:

What is your point of view? For example, “While I am against abortion, I argue that abortion should be allowed in a limited number of cases (rape, incest, age of mother) and only up to 14 weeks into pregnancy.”

You should state your position in one sentence! This is the most important part of the paper, as a strong thesis makes your paper much easier to write, because it directs the development of your argument.

Your paper must have a thesis statement! (3) Provide premises in support of your position: Why do you believe your position is correct? For example, you can argue that a 14-week limit is justified by discussing the development of the fetus at that stage.

You need two to three (2-3) premises in support of your position! (4) Each premise should be followed by a paragraph discussing the premise

and how it supports your position: Why do you believe the premise is correct and how does it relate to your point of view?

Given the length of your paper (2 pages), the paper does not need a conclusion. Also, you should not consult any outside sources when writing the paper, the aim of the assignment is for you to develop your own arguments (premises) in support of your own point of view (thesis statement)! You can choose from the following topics:

The death penalty. Free health care for all. Same-sex marriage. Affirmative action programs.

Gun control. Abortion. Immigration. The paper must be written in the following format: font “Calibri,” font size 12, line spacing 1.5, and normal page margins (1″ on each side). You should not include any identifying information! You can simply start with the title at the top of the