Budget cuts must be made but to which agency or service?

The year is 2025, funding for health care is running out. We need to make some hard decisions on ensuring the viability of health care for all

citizens. Budget cuts must be made but to which agency or service? For this assignment, you will be lobbying Congress for continued funding for the agency chosen previously. (Cancer Genomics) Cancer Genomics Assignment Instructions: The material from the M5.4 annotated bibliographies ) attached)can be used to support your paper. There is a minimum of 3 references required to support your opinions and

argument for continued funding. This may include additional resources other than the annotated bibliographies from M5.4. In a 5 – 6 page paper, excluding Title and Reference pages, Introductory Paragraph: identify the agency and describe its purpose and the health care issue (s)

addressed by the selected agency; Present your point of view regarding the topic and why you are writing this paper (Thesis Argument). Body of Paper (4 – 6 paragraphs) Current role of agency: Discuss how the agency is currently using federal monies and how cuts in the federal budget would impact the services currently provided by this agency to the community. Integrate credible, relevant sources to support your points.

Importance of Future Funding: Present your argument to Congress to ensure that the health care budget continues to provide funding for the agency and its services. Provide a clear and concise rationale for the continued funding of agency. Provide examples of current research being

conducted by agency that demonstrates need for continued funding and supports your rationale. Integrate credible, relevant sources to support ideas. Concluding Paragraph. Provide the reader with a closing argument reemphasizing the purpose and major points of the presentation provides a closing. Remember, the conclusion wraps up your essay in a tidy package and leaves the audience with something to think about. It is not the place to bring up new ideas.