Building “Negative Peace” Continued Discussion

Week 6 Discussion: Chapter 2, Building “Negative Peace” continued.

Dr. Jean-Marc Akakpo

All my apology for skipping the second part of chapter 2 last week. We are circling back to finish them. I am very impatient to read your opinion about responding to Terrorism as although September 11, 2001, marked a pivotal moment for many people in the United States and in other countries, terrorism did not begin or end that day. In fact, the threat of terrorism in the United States has changed since 2001. As matter of fact, 9/11 represents the scariest souvenir of my diplomat life as I was on plane going to Chicago from Washington DC when this happened. I hope you learn great deal of international relations from the readings.

Please read the following topic:
Violence Vanquished: Steven Pinker, 123
And complete the step below:
What are the main ideas of the topic of your choice?
Define the key terms used by the author
What are the strong points of the topic of your choices?
Give real life example that can be applied to your topic
For your 3 reply posts to your classmates:
Summarize his or her idea in your own words
Ask questions for clarification if needed
Be sure to define your terms and to support your answer with references to the course materials (and the videos) and/or the readings for this week.
Give real life experience to support your response.