Business Writing (English 120) Part 1: Create a fictional company.

Business Writing (English 120) Part 1: Create a fictional company. You will be using this information for multiple assignments for Portfolio 1 so choose an area you are interested in researching and learning more about. You can be a corporation, a non-profit, a college or university or

government agency. Please do not include the prompts below on your assignment but rather present the information as presented by a

company. Feel free to come up with logo or visual element as well. You may refer to online resources from companies related to yours for formatting and templates but overall this is an attempt to make your company “pop” to a potential customer. Have fun with it and be as creative

or professional as you want your company to reflect. Make sure the information is presented grammatically and in an easy to access format so that the reader does not have to work to pick out information. Your total write up should be 300-400 words. Include: Company name Address

(including city and state) Phone number Website Your “work” e-mail address Your job title and department A mission statement for the company (*see example) that distinctly stands out Detailed explanation of what the company does. Does it include multiple brands? If so, list and explain. Last year’s company profits (if applicable) How many employees work for the company Are there multiple/global offices? If so, list. Any additional information you would like to include about the company…this is an area to personalize and add character to the company. Part 2: (completely

separate the 2 parts): Please write a grammatical, 1 paragraph response to the Ted Talk. Please include: 1) A brief summary of points you found to be key 2) Points you agreed and/or disagreed about and why 3) At least one personal connection to some idea from the talk TED Talk link: