But other nations focus on restorative justice.

But other nations focus on restorative justice.
The Bruce Western video offers stark statistics related to incarceration and the sociological issues which lead to violence, crime and criminality.
Our justice system in its modern form really focuses on the punitive nature of incarceration. But other nations focus on restorative justice. The differences in approaches impact recidivism., the frequency by which incarcerated individuals return to prison after their release.
Dr. Western’s research suggests that punitive justice related to prisons leads to furtherance of crime and criminal behavior. It can also create endless cycles of family and community violence.
However, restorative justice seeks to improve a person’s ability to lead a life outside of the criminal justice system by fostering a person’s humanity. Offering those in jail or prison psychological services, education, job options, housing and a whole host of social safety nets to reduce recidivism.
How different and what outcomes could you imagine within the US justice system if it, along with its policies and resources were spent on restorative rather than punitive incarceration?