, calculate the temperature that should produce zero pressure. This is absolute zero on the Celsius scale.

Things you have to calculate: 1.Using the linear equation you found in each case, calculate the temperature that should produce zeropressure. This is absolute zero on the Celsius scale. You should now have four calculations of absolute zero. 2. There is more than one way to estimate

the uncertainty in your data. Include an uncertainty with both thetemperature and pressure measurement with an explanation of how you made the estimate. You should also estimate the uncertainty for the final value of absolute Zero. What you have to do for the Lab Report: Calculations section must include one example of the mathematical procedure of each separate calculation that was done for the experiment. – use the equations that are provided in the lab instructions file Discussion section must explain how the estimation of each uncertainty value was arrived

at, must include a table that gives all the calculated values of temperature (absolute zero), must explain all figures; tables and charts included in report. Conclusion must explain the results of the experiment and compare it to the expected values. Also connect experiment to a real life example. *THIS IS AN INFORMAL LAB REPORT THAT ONLY REQUIRES A CALCULATION, DISCUSSION, and CONCLUSION SECTION. There NO NEED for a abstract, procedure, materials section* Please review the lab instructions file and the lab report manual for the set up. I have also included an explanation on how my TA wants the calculations to be done. Please review all files provided