Case Study: Impact of COVID-19 on Global Economy Several sectors in the global

Case Study: Impact of COVID-19 on Global Economy Several sectors in the global economy have been hit especially hard due to the COVID-19

pandemic. A couple of the hardest-hit sectors include automotive, healthcare services, pharma, hospitality, and airlines. Several countries have played an important role in economic-policy interventions to boost up their economy and assist industries that are struggling. Choose a foreign country and research the economic policies that the country has put into place to assist with the recovery. Specific examples should be provided

to support your paper. Your comments should also be supported by your research. This is a midterm activity. Reflect on what you have learned

in activities in Modules 1-4 and demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and theories. You are expected to go beyond your textbook to support your comments in this case study. There should be a minimum of three references that are from scholarly journals. The contents of the paper should consist of three pages (750 words) written in current APA format. Required Course Materials Title: Cesim® Global Challenge

Format: Simulation Notes The Cesim® Global Challenge Simulation is required for this course. Registration/purchase information is included in the course. Title: International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace ISBN: 978-1307616439 (Custom Bound) ISBN2: 978-

1307617887 (eBook) Authors: C. W. L. Hill Publisher: McGraw Hill Education Publication Date: 2021 Edition: 13th Format: Textbook Notes The ISBN 978-1307616439 is a custom version of the book, which was created exclusively for BUSW 335