Choose a company from the following list:

Choose a company from the following list:
You have been asked by Human Resources and the Executive Management Team for your opinion on the business’ current social media policy. Review the policy. Is it strict or liberal? Provide comments on its strengths and on its weaknesses. Review the guidelines for an effective social media policy and provide suggestions for improvement of any problem areas of the company’s policy.
An effective Social Media Policy should:
Clearly state that employees have no reasonable expectation of privacy on company owned electronic assets, including portable devices, and when accessing company systems from remote locations.
Clearly state expectations regarding the limits on personal use of email and the internet.
Clearly state whether employee electronic usage is monitored. If employee electronic communications are not monitored, it should reserve the right to monitor.
Prohibit use of the company image or trademarks without express authorization.
Provide a clear policy on internet postings and private blogs. When discussing the company or any aspect of employment, require that the employee identify himself and post a disclaimer that that any opinions expressed are his own and not those of the company.
Provide a clear policy on corporate-sanctioned blogging. Outline the channels for managerial approval of postings and have authorized corporate bloggers also post a disclaimer.
Advise employees that unless specifically authorized to do so, they cannot purport to represent the company.
Remind employees to protect the company’s proprietary and confidential information.
Remind employees not to use electronic assets for harassment or for the communication of offensive or inappropriate content.