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  1. General Company Information (use ITEM 1. BUSINESS)


  1. In how many countries and territories are Coke products sold?
  2. How many operating segments does the company have?
  3. How many sparkling soft drink brands does Coke own or market?
  4. How many unit cases of products did Coke sell?
  5. Approximately how many employees did Coke have?


  1. Financial Statement Information (use ITEM 8. FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND SUPPLEMENTARY DATA)


Consolidated Statements of Income (page 60)


  1. How much net operating revenue did Coke report for the year (in millions of dollars)?
  2. How much did Coke’s revenue grow compared to the prior year (in millions of dollars and as a percentage)?
  3. What is Coke’s gross profit margin (i.e., Gross Profit as a % of Net Operating Revenue)?
  4. How much did Coke’s gross profit margin increase or decrease compared to the prior year?
  5. What is Coke’s operating income (in millions of dollars)?


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