College admission essay

So the essay is for me and i’m a 19 year old male, I’ve struggled with making friends my whole life, fitting in, i have physical disabilities like a flat foot and no hearing in one year but i never let that stop me from achieving my goals. my parents are immigrants they came to the us for the

american dream 22 years ago. financially we have always struggled. i have been battling ocd for the fast 4 years and it has been so difficult. I want to go to college for psychology to become a therapist to help others and guide them through their hardships. I want to provide the service i was not fortunate enough to be provided. I would be in the shower for 4 days striaght bc if my ocd. but i overcame it. i do not suffer from the same things

anymore i want people on their toes and to truly understand my struggles and i want to give back to the community and help people with their mental problems that they cannot overcome on their own. also plz mention my parents hardships and how they motivated me and encouraged me and made me who i am today yiy can feel free and add a ton of stuff to better the essay and to pull the college readers in