Community Assessment Project

Most of the information you will need is in the documents and the PowerPoint plus whatever research you have found.
Overall, your final Community Assessment Project should be an APA formatted paper that includes a Title page, Abstract, Body, and Reference page. The body of the paper has a 5-page minimum, however, there is no maximum page limit.
Topical headers should be used to organize each section of the paper’s body.
You are encouraged to use charts and graphs to display any statistics that you use.
This paper must be double-spaced and include 12-point Times New Roman font.
The project also requires you to include 5 or more peer-reviewed, research-based references. One of the references must be the course textbook.
Students are encouraged to use the Purdue OWL APA website as an APA style resource. Please remember that you must pass all 3 Community Assessment Project Checkpoints before you can submit your final project. The final draft of your Community Assessment Project is due by 11:59 pm CT Wednesday of Week 8 in the Dropbox.