Community Resource Project : Directions & Rubric

Community Resource Project : Directions & Rubric
1) You are being asked to visit one health care facility. (You may use your work
site or visit remotely)
Possible sites/facilities are: emergency room, trauma unit, children’s hospital, hospice facility or unit, nursing home or an EMS Emergency Medical Service.
The following questions by be answered through observation, and/or discussion with a healthcare worker or supervisor on site or (remotely)
a) Describe the emotional/psychological trauma patients and nurses experience in your particular facility.
b) What interventions, protocol and/or systems are in place and utilized in
this facility to assist nurses and healthcare professionals cope with the
effects of trauma.
c) What interventions, protocol and/or systems are in place to assist patients and their families to cope with the effects of trauma.
d) What typical traumatic experiences, if any, patients entered the facility
with and how were they dealt with.
e) Based on class readings and activities describe potential recommendations you would implement to assist nurses and patients.
f) Your paper will be written in summary form beneMicial to the facility you
visited. Your visit summary by be shared with the facility if it is mutually
agreed upon.
2) Your summary paper is to be a minimum of 3-5 pages in length.
3) Paper will include key concepts, theories, and terms learned in this course.
4) Recommendations will integrate learning from the course.
Community Resource Project: 15 possible points.
Clearly written responses to all 6 categories (15points)
Lacking complete answers (12 points)

Needs Improvement
Inadequate answers (9 points)
Not Evident
Did not meet assignment requirements (0)
Any students in the proMicient and lower rubric categories are encouraged to
complete a resubmission of their assignment after consultation with the instructor.