COVID-19/SWOT Analysis – Organizational Macrosystem Assessment: In this activity

COVID-19/SWOT Analysis – Organizational Macrosystem Assessment: In this activity, develop a 2-3 page paper using the SWOT framework to assess an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats for change during the current pandemic that we are living in. The

following rubric will be used for the COVID-19/SWOT Analysis (25 points possible): Strengths – What are the characteristics of the project or venture or team that give it advantage over others? – What do people within the organization feel that it does well? – Identify any unique

services or approaches that the organization provides to meet community and customer needs and desires. In what ways does the organization stand out from other similar organizations? ___(4 points) Weaknesses – Which characteristics that place the team at a disadvantage relative to others? – What areas of the organization are in most need of improvement? – Where are fewer resources available within the organization? –

What do others see as weaknesses in meeting community and customer needs and desires? ___(4 points) Opportunities – What opportunities are open to the organization to meet needs and desires of the community and customer base? – What external chances to improve performance in the environment? – What trends can the organization take advantage of? – How can the organization turn its strengths into opportunities?

___(4 points) Threats – What threats could harm the organization? – What external elements in the environment that could cause difficulty for the organization – What is the competition doing to meet community and customer needs and desires that the organization is not addressing?

___(4 points) Overall Analysis In this section, provide a substantive interpretation of your organization, using the data you gleaned from the SWOT analysis. Describe your impressions, conclusions or the lessons learned from this experience. How did it inform your understanding of the organization? Did it help you identify areas of needed change, and strengths that can support you in implementing change? Were there

issues that surprised you? Was the internal or external analysis more informative? ___(5 points) Writing quality, APA format, adherence to paper guidelines ___(4 points) Total ___(25 points)