Critical Reflection Essay Course name: Introduction to Social Economy

Critical Reflection Essay Course name: Introduction to Social Economy Topic: Neoliberalism, NGOization and the Social Economy Outline: Approximately 850 words (not including work cited page); double-spacing, 12 point times new roman font, APA format. Read the two readings below: 1. Berner, E., & Phillips, B. (2005). Left to their own devices?

Community self-help between alternative development and neoliberalism. Community Development Journal 40(1), 17-29. 2. Mitlin, D., & Hickey, S., & Bebbington, A. (2007). Reclaiming Development? NGOs And The Challenge Of Alternatives. World Development 35(10), 1699-1720. After reading the readings.

You will write a critical reflection essay: – Introduction: 1) introduce the problem/question. 2) thesis statement (your argument) 3) present the structure of the essay very briefly – Body: presenting the content of the paper. 1) summary of the readings (linking readings together in a discussion and backing up all of your statements with references to the readings). 2) present your argument, which could look like you’re saying one author’s position is stronger or weaker than the others for X reasons (backup your points with references to the readings) – Conclusion: summing-up your argument and main points – Use in-text citation, when paraphrasing or quoting directluvly from the readings (no external sources/references)