define what a chemical and physical is

Be prepared to give a short PowerPoint presentation on your assigned lesson. In your presentation, you need to review the learning goals (1 pt), explain science concepts and address some children’s ideas and common misconceptions (3 pts). Also perform/demonstrate/show one activity that would challenge one of students’ misconceptions (4 pts). At the end of your presentation, also answer/explain the quiz questions (2 pts). Upload your PowerPoint slides (including your answers to the quiz questions at the end)
-Please be sure to define what a chemical and physical is and give your own answers ( needs own side )
Quiz answers for lesson 4 but please be sure to explain why..
1. B. evaporation
2. C: compound is to molecule
3. D: the same as before.
4. A: a gas being produced and escaping into the air.
5. C: achieved by passing an electric current through it, splitting the molecules apart.