Demonstrate a thorough understanding of major concepts, theories, arguments, or issues

Writing will play an important role in this course. Besides comprehension and application, the higher learning activities required in the process of writing such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation are the crucial elements of critical thinking.

By completing this assignment, you will have a clear picture of social change and how it affects us. (1) Choosing a Topic- TOPIC IS GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE You can consider topics covered in the lecture (e.g., globalization and migration, changing labor market, globalization and inequality, inequality and political polarization, globalization and spatial transformations, globalization and racial relations, globalization and gender relations, and changing families). You may also consult with me for help in selecting a topic and for guidance in getting started on your research. (2) Conducting Library Research This assignment requires that you do some type of research on your topic.

If you are interested in the effects of information revolution in our social life, for example, search databases in the Dunbar Library (e.g., Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, Electronic Journal Center, Social Science Citation Index) or internet (e.g., Google Scholar). You must use at least three scholarly journal articles or books as references. If you meet this minimum requirement for references, then you can freely use other sources. (3) Organizing the Paper When you organize your paper, consider the following guidelines. In the introductory paragraph, indicate what your topic is and why it is so important. As a way of highlighting the importance of the social issue you choose, cite the statistical information of the trends or magnitude of the problem if that is available, and frame it in relation to globalization and social change. Define, if necessary, any unfamiliar concepts that are central to your topic. If your topic involves a controversial issue, give some background information on it. Cut off the tangential materials and focus on the most important things you find out or learn about your topic. Make connections between your findings and the process of globalization and social change. Alternatively, discuss how they affect our social life. Conclude with a restatement of your main findings, personal views or predictions on the matter. (4) Length and Format Your assignment should be at least 750 words for undergraduates and 1,500 words for graduates (typed, double-spaced, using 1-inch margins, and 12-point font size). and adhere to appropriate standards of organization, spelling, and grammar. At the end of each section in your paper, you must identify the word count (e.g., Word Count: 900). To successfully complete this written assignment, you must conduct library research and integrate sociological ideas, concepts, or theories when you interpret the statistical information about the trends or magnitude of the social problem you chose. You must avoid plagiarism: Any ideas borrowed from the scholarly books or journal articles should be appropriately cited. You must use the APA format when you cite the references in the text and then list them under “References” at the end of your paper. (5) Grading Criteria The evaluation of these writing assignment will be based on four things: 1) Depth of Subject: ▪Demonstrate a thorough understanding of major concepts, theories, arguments, or issues; ▪Support arguments with evidence, illustrations, or examples. 2) Organization: ▪Avoid tangential material that detracts from central focus; ▪Provide clear transitions between and within sections of paper. 3) Clarity of Expression: ▪Use clear, concise, and logical sentences; ▪Avoid spelling, punctuation, grammatical errors. 4) Style and Fulfilment of Requirement: ▪Adhere to the instructions of the assignment and fulfil the requirements of the assignment (e.g., length, citations, references); ▪Avoid any hints of plagiarism.