Describe how they used power and their authority to succeed.

From the ancient and early influencers lecture slides provided, you will be assigned a historical leader to research and present to the class. You

will prepare a 5-7 minute talk outlining what they were known for. Provide a summary of the leader’s accomplishments. In your presentation address the following questions: Who are they? When in history did they live and lead? Provide a summary of their accomplishments. What

made them an influential leader? What great deeds or thoughts are they remembered for? What aspects of leadership were missing? Describe how they used power and their authority to succeed. Do you believe they were a good or bad leader and why? How might that leader have viewed our present world? You will be assigned someone from the following list of leaders: Please submit presentation notes to the dropbox before the day of the class presentation. There will be a 5% deduction if it is not submitted prior to class. Your progress You may select 1

historical leader or influencer from the following list to research and present to the class Moses Plato Charlemagne Thomas Hobbes Joseph Aristotle William the Conqueror John Locke David Cato the Elder Hildegard of Bingen Immanuel Kant Solomon Julius Caesar Marco Polo Tsar

Catherine II “The Great” Ramesses II Marcus Tullius Cicero Joan of Arc Adam Smith Cleopatra The Apostle Paul Nicolo Machiavelli Karl Marx Hammurabi St. Augustine Elisabeth I Fredrich Nietzsche Nebuchadnezzar St. Benedict Francis Bacon Florence Nightingale