Describe the ”Byte Products, Inc” industry (competitivity, rivals, growth, stakeholders…

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answer the following questions:


  1. Describe the ”Byte Products, Inc” industry (competitivity, rivals, growth, stakeholders…). 2 marks
  2. Draw the SWOT matrix for ”Byte Products, Inc”.
  3. What is the major problem of ” Byte Products, Inc” and what are the main solutions provided to this company in order to improve its competitive advantage? 2 marks
  4. Describe the plan suggested by the board of directors to improve the demand.


  1. What can you recommend to “Byte Products, Inc” in order to improve the demand for its products and ameliorate its competitive advantage? Justify. 2 marks


Section II. Discussion questions 


  1. Is social responsibility a driver of a corporate competitive advantage?
  2. How? Justify your answer using examples from Saudi Market.
  3. Briefly describe a successful story of a strategic alliance between two companies from the real (national or international) market.
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