describe the rationale behind your targeted tiny habits.

This paper will allow you to demonstrate what you have learned about stress management. First, pick two targeted behavioral changes. For

example, you may wish to add more sleep or more exercise to your routines, or reduce the amount of fast food you eat. You may want to join a new social group, or start practicing meditation. You will select two “tiny habits” to work at. Your write-up will consist of the following: • Part 1:

Introduction/Results of learning and assessments – Give a summary of key concepts and definitions from stress management that have impacted you thus far. Include these key concepts in your summary: Fogg Behavior Model, SMART goals, the effect of eustress, and the Maslow’s Hierarchy

of Needs. – Next, describe the rationale behind your targeted tiny habits. What made you identify this as an area of desired change? • Part 2: Target behaviors – Describe the two tiny habits you identified, how you measured them, and what your results were. Discuss what interfered or helped facilitate progress. Be sure to refer to the key concepts and how they helped you make progress. • Part 3: Conclusion/Essential

takeaway – What key insights did you develop? What is the most significant thing you learned from the experience of reflection and behavioral change?