Describe the steps you would take in deciding on content for the day’s agenda.

Leadership Seminar Assignment While some people seem to be “born leaders”, other must develop into the role. However, everyone new to the

role of the leader needs instruction. In this assignment, you will organize the first day of a multi-day orientation for new nurse managers. This will be a “Leadership 101” seminar. You will plan the event, develop the content that will be presented, discuss how it will take place, and finally,

develop an evaluation tool for the participants. This may be written in the first person. Part I: Planning Describe the steps you would take in deciding on content for the day’s agenda. In your description, include the following elements: Who would you collaborate with, and why? How do you determine the content that will be presented? Specifically, what resources would you access in planning this seminar? Would you be

presenting all of the material, or would you ask others? Explain your answer. If you ask others to present, how would you decide who to choose? Part II: Development Keep in mind that this is the first day of a multi-day orientation seminar for new leaders. Think of what you want to cover during this first day. You will be developing a minimum of four topics for the day. Each topic will have a corresponding scholarly article that the content will be based upon. Include the following elements in your development: List at least four topics appropriate for the first day of a leadership seminar. Why did you choose these topics? Write a measurable, participant-oriented learning objective for each topic. For each topic, list and discuss a current (within the last five years) scholarly article that reinforces the subject, and would be the basis of that topic’s content. (This part will be similar to the Scholarly Publications assignment in the Theory course. Summarize each article and its significance in a few sentences.) Part III: Implementation Once the planning and developing have occurred, it’s time for the seminar to take place. In describing how you would make this first day happen, include the following: Describe the set-up of the space you will be using. (This proposed seminar will take place without the social distancing we are presently living with.) Will it be a classroom? An auditorium? Will you use desks, tables, or other furnishings? Explain your rationale. What sort of handouts or materials will be given to the participants? What sort of technology will be needed for the room? Every meeting has an agenda. Include your agenda for the day in this section. This is an example of an agenda for a fictional

corporate seminar. Will you be the only one there to run this event? If not, who else will be there to assist, and what will they be doing? Part IV: Evaluation The final part of the nursing process is the evaluation stage. You want to know what your attendees thought of the presentation. What worked, and what didn’t? What did they learn from being there that day? This is how most conferences and seminars conclude. For the

evaluation of your seminar, you will: Develop an evaluation tool the participants would fill out. Think back to classes, lectures, and seminars you have attended in the past. What information were you asked about? Will you use a yes/no format, fill in the blank format, Likert scale format, or a mixture of these? Your evaluation tool should include a minimum of five questions. Scholarly writing Including, (but not limited to) use of title

page, headers, APA format, spelling, grammar, use of subheadings, inclusion of academic honesty disclaimer. (May write in 1st person.)