Describe the strengths weaknesses of Incremental Budgeting

Using a healthcare agency, write an overview of the budgeting process. The paper should contain the following

: Describe the strengthsweaknesses of Incremental Budgeting. Describe the four (4) budgeting building steps in Incremental Budgeting. Compare the flexible and incremental budgets.

Analyze the economic conditions that affect revenue projections. You are required to follow the guidelines below when submitting your assignment: Type in Microsoft Word, double space, 12 pt. font size, Times New Roman font type Four (4) pages of content including the title and reference

pages Comply with APA 7th edition formatting guidelines (proper in-text citations, headings, etc..). Utilize Grammarly to ensure proper spelling and grammar Include the word count, excluding quotes from references, and the Grammarly Performance Score.