Determine which statistical analysis you would propose and explain why

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Instructions: For this assignment, review and analyze one of the five research articles provided in this week’s resources. You will now demonstrate the basics of statistical analyses. Address the following in a written report: Describe the research question studied in the article. What are the hypotheses for the study? If the researchers have not stated hypotheses, what will be your hypothesis for the study? List and

describe the variables of the study (e.g., independent and dependent variables). How were the variables measured? (nominal, interval, ratio, ordinal) Discuss the sampling method, sample characteristics, and measures used. Explain in detail the study design and methodology employed. Review Tables and Figures carefully. What do the descriptive statistics (Percentages, Mean, Standard deviation, Correlations)

indicate? Looking at the Tables for descriptive statistics, what inferences can you draw related to the variables of the study? For example, if you selected the Hsu et al. (2016) article, was happiness found to be significantly different in the age groups? Looking at the means (Table 1), what conclusions can you make regarding the mood, friends/colleagues social support, social participation, quality of life, and trust? How was hypothesis testing completed? What statistical analysis was carried out to test the hypotheses? What was the rationale for choosing a particular

statistical test? What do the results indicate in terms of hypotheses? For example, if you selected the Hsu et al. (2016) article, look at (Table 2). Provide evidence using statistical findings to indicate if the hypothesis was supported or not supported. Use APA style to describe the results. If there are any graphs or figures, what are these figures/graphs telling you in terms of variables? Read the Discussion, Limitations, and Future Research sections of the article. The section discusses the limitations and recommendations for future research. Select any one recommendation and explain how you would design a study based on that recommendation from the article.What are the variables? How would you measure those variables (level of measurement – nominal, ordinal, ratio, interval)? What will be the hypothesis? Determine which statistical analysis you would propose and explain why