Development Plan Post a MP4 recording of live presentation

Development Plan Post a MP4 recording of live presentation and a PowerPoint file with YOUR TEAM NUMBER & YOUR LAST NAME, not

mine, in the file name, i.e., Assign#.pptx. The presentation should be 10-15 minutes and include the following: · Development methodology (Waterfall vs. Agile/Scrum): o How Agile is practiced for your project? Be specific about the artifacts and activities and any customization of the standard Scrum process. · Requirements management: o How requirements are documented and organzed o What tool is employed to help

stroing the requirements and tracking changes o How requirements are linked to development efforts? · Development Tasks Management: o How source code is managed? § Tools employed to store and share source code § Source code management policies i.e check-in policies o

How the development efforts are organized (i.e who gets to do what, how development tasks are decided/defined? Etc.) o How progress of development is tracked? o Any tools employed to facilitate the communications among developers? · Build/Deployment Strategy o How much is

automated for Build and Deployment? o How many environments there are (Dev, QA, UAT, STG, Prod)? o Any tools employed to facilitate the automation of Build and Deployment? Instructions: This assignment should focus on how DevOps is managed In the context of Agile/Scrum. It is critical for the team to get familiar with DevOps. The team needs to demonstrate basic knowledge of DevOps and how to execute the specific

operations in the project. It is understandable due to limited resources and time constraint, not all planned activities can be carried out to their full extent always, however it is suggested to plan for the maximum capacity of the team so the team has an opportunity to gain experience of DevOps management