Discuss a situation where a child you teach or a child that you know has been resilient in a stressful situation. How did the protective factors discussed in the text assist the child? Finally, are you ready to invest? Explai

Baroque Period

Antonio Vivaldi composed “The Four Seasons”. It is a form of Program Music.

1. Define Program Music.

2.Is there anything today similar to Program music in Movies, tv shows, or music? Can you give an example?

3. Listen to the first movement, of the Four Seasons, La Primavera, Spring: by Vivaldi (opens in a new window) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3nSvIiBNFo

4. List a location you may think you would hear this type of music. Describe the ‘scene’.

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first person: The three protective factors that foster resilience in children are caring relationships, high, appropriate expectations, and opportunities for participation. Children who have caring relationships with adults understand how to handle stressful situations. They see them as positive role models and it helps to show them the kind of person they should be. When high expectations are set children develop competence, control, and worth. Opportunities for participation means giving them a chance to be involved. This can be done by finding things that interest them and then make sure they feel like they are a values part of the activity.

Some of the stress factors that affected the children in the video were poverty. Some of them didn’t have much which caused them to be hungry, sleeping in different places every night, or not sleeping at all. This caused the children to be unprepared and ready for their day to learn and thrive. Another stress factor I saw was lack adult supervision or proper childcare. They were left along to watch tv, not able to learn or enjoy themselves. I feel that they show reliance by looking at the positive side of the situations they are in.

My 4-year-old daughter shows resilience when she must transition to new places. For example, she just recently started a new daycare for the 3rd time due to us being military. She went in with a positive attitude willing to adapt the new changes around her. I feel that caring relationships is what helped her in this situation. My daughter and I have a positive relationship with each other that I feel reflects in her when approaching new situations. The director also showed that she was a caring adult which made her feel safe and welcoming into the situation.

I would invest by being the best childcare giver I can be. I am willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the first 5 years of their lives are filled with the tools needed for young children to learn and thrive.

SEcond person : Title: Change the First Five Years and You Change Everything

The Prompt:

Discuss the the three protective factors that according to the text foster resilience in children. Explain why these factors are essential in enabling children to navigate the bumpy road of frustration or adversity and to develop resilience. After reviewing the video: Change the First Five Years and You Change Everything identify some of the stressors that affected the children in the video. Discuss how the children in the clip show show resilience. Discuss a situation where a child you teach or a child that you know has been resilient in a stressful situation. How did the protective factors discussed in the text assist the child? Finally, are you ready to invest? Explain.

I find in our text book Ch. 9 pgs. 224-226 that the three protective factors are: ( A Caring Relationship, High Expectations and Opportunities for Participation).

The Caring Relationship- help children how to build resilience.

High Expectations – Adult who “high” but reasonable expectations help children develop their competence, control and worth, the build blocks of postivite self-esteem.

Opportunities for Participation – help with two thing to one is to identify interest that help the children to find activities they like and want to do and two is to encourage participation is to make sure they feeling vaule member of the group once the children found an activity they like

After watching the clip the children in the show was experiencing External Sources of Stress which I saw:

Daily hassles for parents
Lots of background anger in the family that the child hears and observes but this not directed to the child
Experience child abuse or neglect directly
Loneliness or Lack of friends

I had experience where I teach two sibling around 1 and 3 year old back then, that came from neglect family. This was my first time and my heart went to them because I never went through and what should I do? Well my mom, she way more experience than me and saw this many time. So I watch and take notes of my was doing, they thing she always tell me to show them love when the moment they first walk because we don’t know what they went through. My mom show me her techniques to calm them dowm during nap time, and do yoga time with them and the child during the day. Finally, am I ready to invest? I know I ready because I been through alot experiences with these kind situation and I have been classes and I getting my degree to take over my mom daycare, I never thought I be running a daycare in my future but I guess that is my calling.