Discuss how you would intervene as a crisis intervention counselor and describe

For this Portfolio Project you will describe and analyze a personal crisis that you have experienced (or witnessed) in your life. This can be a

crisis event in which you were directly involved or one that you witnessed as an observer (you need to have enough knowledge of the crisis to be able to critically analyze it). You will also assume the role of the crisis intervention specialist/counselor in the analysis of the crisis event.

Describe the incident you have chosen to analyze and explain how it fits the definition of a crisis. Apply a crisis intervention theory to the incident

and discuss how it applies. If there is more than one theory that applies discuss all that are relevant in understanding the crisis. Describe how you would conduct an assessment of the crisis situation if you were assigned to help the victim(s) and the skills needed to work with it, including applicable issues of gender, culture, and race. Analyze ethical concerns related to the crisis (from the perspective of the crisis interventionalist).

Discuss how you would intervene as a crisis intervention counselor and describe and justify the outcome you would seek. Discuss the agencies or services that would work to deal with the crisis, discussing the roles played by each and describing how the agencies would work together.

These may be actual agencies/services received or ones that could have been used. Once you have completed the analysis, write a conclusion section that summarizes what you have learned from the analysis and draws broad conclusions about best practices in crisis intervention

counseling specific to the crisis you discussed.Your Portfolio Project should include the following sections: Cover page in APA format Table of contents An introduction that describes the paper and its intent The body of the paper that analyzes the crisis event A conclusions section that describes your reaction to the analysis and discusses best practices Reference list in APA format