Discuss shortcomings of this theory

If you had to choose one of the workable ethical theories in Chapter 2 and use it for your personal ethical decision making, which theory would you choose? Support your answer by addressing the following items. Why? Give one example of how you have applied this theory or could

apply this theory in your life. Discuss shortcomings of this theory. Demonstrate that you have considered at least two other workable theories. Specifications: Use the CSE 301 Essay Template document Actions for the correct formatting. Alignment: Justified First line of paragraph

indented by 0.5″ Spacing before paragraph: 0pt Spacing after paragraph: 12pt: Line spacing: 1.5 lines Verdana Regular 11pt The essay must be at least 3 pages, which may include the references. (The text must span at least 2.5 pages.) At least three unique references are required, one

of which may be the textbook. These references must be cited in the text. Your paper must be professional in both tone and content. (You may write in the first person since the question asks for your viewpoint.) Submit your paper as a pdf file. Name your file Lastname_FirstName.pdf (If you submit multiple versions, Canvas will add a number to your file name, myName-1.pdf. It is ok — don’t worry about it.) Turnitin is used to

check for plagiarism. Please be aware it checks your work against documents on the Internet as well as student work on Canvas. Your paper should consist of less than 20% direct quotes. More than that will result in 50% deduction.