Discuss the depiction of honor in Henry IV, Part One.

Discuss the depiction of honor in Henry IV, Part One. When you think of honor, certain concepts such as honesty, integrity, valor, and chivalry may

come to mind. There are doubtless others. But all suggest a positive attitude—personal and social values worthy of praise and admiration. But what are the possible limitations, the potential negativity that can also be associated with honor? How is honor presented in Henry IV? Based on what

characters say and do, how does the concept of honor affect them? While Hal, Hotspur, Blunt, and Falstaff seem to play especially important roles

in Shakespeare’s depiction of the many facets of honor, virtually all characters have moments when their actions can be evaluated in terms of how

closely they adhere to or reject the dictates of honor. Obviously this is a huge topic, and you can’t begin to say everything you’d like to in the time and space available. So be selective in your choice of characters and events that illustrate and support your argument. Suggested length: 4 pages.