Discuss the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of each strategy.

Research and Evaluation of Current Marketing Strategies (12 Slides Presentation) Using a minimum of four (4) peer-reviewed articles (note, the firm’s 10k report qualifies as a peer-reviewed article), students are to conduct outside research relating to current and effective marketing strategies. Using a leading competitor within your industry (i.e., one you have not analyzed to this point), you are to research the firm’s current marketing strategies. a. Identify the strategy by name.

b. Detail three specifics of the strategy

c. Detail the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of this strategy d. Offer two new recommendations on changes you believe the firm should integrate into its strategies.

Create a professional PowerPoint presentation. Each presentation should include: 1. Minimum of 12 slides (title, roadmap, and reference slides do not count towards slide total). 2. Using

a Fortune 500 firm, present details/specifics of two (2) current marketing strategies a. List each strategy by name b. List the goals of each strategy – be specific

c. Discuss who the strategies are directed towards (i.e., customer segmentation)

d. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy

i. Corporate goals ii. Branding goals iii. Marketing goals

e. Discuss the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of each strategy.

f. Offer two recommendations that if you were the CMO, you would propose.

i. Detail the goal of each recommendation ii. Detail the advantages and disadvantages of your recommendation

iii. Detail the risks vs. rewards of each strategy proposal of your recommendations

*Note, although there is not a minimum resource requirement, the facts and proposals presented must be supported with outside resources. Note to self: Amazon, Walmart, and The Wirecutter were used in previous assignments. Must select a different Fortune 500 Company.