Discuss the fundamental concepts of network security

Instructions This unit introduced network security and network security implementation. For this essay, you will explore a specific IT risk. Compose an essay on one of the following topics listed below: end-user security issues identity theft instant messaging security intrusion detection security

threats and vulnerabilities, and wireless technology security. In your essay, briefly describe the issue that you have selected. In addition, you should also include the following. Discuss the fundamental concepts of network security as they relate to your chosen topic. Explain how TCP/IP behavior and applications relate to your chosen topic. Describe the legal sanctions that aim to reduce crime surrounding your chosen topic. Discuss how

cybersecurity professionals can manage the risk associated with your chosen topic. Your essay must be at least two pages long, and you should include an introduction and conclusion section. You must use a minimum of two resources in your essay, one of which may be your textbook.

You may also use resources from the CSU Online Library, government library, any other library, or any peer-reviewed or academic reference. You must cite and reference any information from your selected resources in APA format.