Discuss the types of and different models for change.

Discuss the types of and different models for change. How can change be a cause of conflict.

What are other causes of conflict? Would the conflict caused by change be functional or dysfunctional conflict. Explain. Based on the theories of conflict, what strategies would be appropriate to manage conflict caused by change in the organization? Respond to the prompt for the assignment.

Your responses should extend beyond the information found in the text or provided resources.

Sources must be included using an inline citation and a listing in your references. Save your file as MGT-560-ASSIGN6-yourlastname in .doc or .rtf format only. Your paper should be about three (3) pages in length.

Use CORRECT APA formatting. Documents without correct APA formatting including correct inline citations and references page may be returned without credit. This written assignment will be processed through Turnitin and scored according the the WLU MBA Written Assignment Rubic (20 points). You will need to use the [ ] View Report link, and the GradeMark tab to receive feedback