Discuss two significant facts about the issue.

In this written assignment, identify one specific contemporary issue or trend that you are interested in learning more about. Choose from the

categories below. Global Healthcare and Nursing Healthcare Reform U.S. Healthcare Financing Nursing’s Role in the U.S. Healthcare System Integrative Healthcare Nursing Leadership and Management Nursing Education Nursing Practice Nursing Professionalism Advancing Nursing as a

Profession Client Access to Care Delivering Client Care Interdisciplinary Teamwork and Collaboration Ethical Practices in Healthcare Quality and Safety in Healthcare Delivery Health/Nursing Informatics In a PowerPoint® presentation (no more than five slides not including the title and

reference slides), include the following information: Describe the issue you chose. Discuss two significant facts about the issue. Support the facts identified with at least one credible source. Include the credible source(s) with your PowerPoint®. Make sure to include a title page and a reference page