Discuss ways that you observed which enabled student learning.

Write a 5 page report based on what you have learned in the Modules and what you experienced in the classroom and what it means for you as a prospective school employee. Discuss ways that you observed which enabled student learning. Following is a list of questions/issues that your

may use to guide your reflection. Examples of how physical, social, emotional ethical and cognitive development influence learning. How did the teacher stimulate students to reflect on prior knowledge and link new learning to prior knowledge? Examples of how new concepts were

introduced at varying levels of complexity so they are meaningful to students at varying levels of development and with diverse learning needs. Examples of how students’ experiences, cultures, and community resources were incorporated into instruction. What did you observe the

teacher doing to accommodate individual students’ needs? What evidence did you see that the teacher demonstrated regard for differences in culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and/or varying ability? Did you observe evidence that the teacher connected student experiences with their career or educational goals? How was technology integrated into instruction? Examples of how the teacher used his/her experiences

to relate to students’ current life experiences and future goals. Comment on the decorum in the classroom. Does it seem to motivate students and facilitate learning? What did the teacher do to motivate students? Are students aware of the teachers’ expectations for learning and processes of communication and behaving? How was the classroom set or modified to achieve classroom goals? What did the teacher do to

communicate effectively with a diverse student population? Examples of effective listening, conflict resolution, and/or group facilitation skills. Examples of communication tools to enrich learning opportunities. Examples of teacher following professional code of conduct. Examples of how policies and procedures affect learning.