Discuss whether the sovereignty of the state has been undermined

Please discuss in 4 pages 1.  Argue whether to keep or toss partisan primaries in all states 2.  Argue for or against ERA at this point in time 3. Select a passage from an assigned reading and discuss its significance or importance. Ensure your discussion: Includes the passage (include

paragraph or page number of the quote); ) A description to put the quote in context (what is it in reference to?); Why the passage is important or significant in the study of political science; Whether you agree/disagree with the passage; Examples that support/disprove the passage; etc. Be

sure to include references (from other sources) to support your discussion. 4. Compare and contrast two interest groups that have similar interests, but tactics, approach, etc. are different. Be sure to include in your discussion which group is more effective and why. 5.  Explain why

the Bureaucracy is or is not “The Real Government.” 6. Argue whether the Constitution should be considered a fixed text (originalists) or can constitutional law evolve in response to changing circumstances and values (living constitutionalist). 7.  Argue whether either political parties or interest groups plays the bigger role in ensuring individual’s thoughts and opinions are considered during the democratic process. 8.  Discuss

whether the sovereignty of the state has been undermined or enhanced by globalization. In what ways have the activities of supranational agencies, economic agreements, and military alliances been responsible?