Discuss your ability to reflect on your life experience

Discuss your skills as a critical learner, your ability to write research papers, and your ability to participate in experiential learning. Use this as an opportunity to discuss your academic strengths and weaknesses.

Discuss your ability to reflect on your life experience (developmental milestones and challenges, crises, losses, etc.).

In your personal life, when you are in a conflicted situation with another person, how do you manage the competing issues of being respectful of your feelings, thoughts, and interests, and those of the other person involved?

Imagine yourself as a counselor or therapist.

What do you believe are the responsibilities you would have for the client’s well-being, and how would you hope to meet those responsibilities

(given your present understanding of the role and responsibilities of a counselor/therapist)?

We are each affected by the impact of power, privilege, and oppression (either through the having of power and/or privilege due to gender,

ethnicity, race, class, sexual orientation, or another form of majority status; or through the experience of being oppressed by others because of ways in which we are marginalized).