Discussion 8/ COR205

There are many theories presented in your final chapter of reading that attempt to explain crime and delinquency. Most theories focus efforts on explaining adult criminality. Many of those theoretical explanations can extend to adolescent delinquency as well. However, Miller (1958) created his Neutralization Theory to focus specifically on explaining juvenile delinquency. Explain Miller’s explanation of how and why juvenile delinquency occurs. Detail all possible neutralizations that can be utilized by a juvenile who engaged in crime. Finally, conduct research on your own in the media and find an example of juvenile delinquency where the juvenile’s defense was a neutralization. Provide details of the crime and how the neutralization was utilized to explain the crime away.

Be sure to address all questions presented in the main prompt. Your response to the main question should be no less than 200-250 words double spaced, written using an introduction, body, conclusion, proper spelling, English, grammar, and you should reference and cite the text where you present factual information.