Discussion Topic Please read the article “Covid 19 Hesitancy

Discussion Topic Please read the article “Covid 19 Hesitancy is splitting dangerously along partisan lines.” After you have read the article and

reviewed the videos regarding the vaccine debates, I would like you to join the debate by answering the following questions: What do you believe should be the next step(s) to ensure that the coronavirus spread is decreased? (i.e. should receiving the vaccine be mandatory for all ? why or why

not? Why do you believe that certain groups of individuals are skeptical about getting the Coronavirus vaccine? Give an explanation. Please think critically and analytically about the current issues surrounding the Covid- 19 pandemic. Use research and data to support your answers to the

questions above. Remember to cite your sources. Respond to one of your peers. Please give valuable and critical feedback. Do not simply agree or disagree with your peer. Evaluate the credibility and rationality behind your peer’s arguments here in the links you can find