discussionss 1 Part 1 We should continue to elect our judges in Texas.

Response to discussionss 1 Part 1 We should continue to elect our judges in Texas. For instance, voters electing the judges in Texas are able to investigate and gather more information about the candidates which will allow them to make the best decision on choosing the judge when voting. This will also give voters the opportunity to vote judges they dislike out of the office. A lot of voters believe they make a better decision on choosing the judge than when political people elect the judge. If we continue to elect our judges in Texas the pros would be to assure that

candidates for judicial office have experience, integrity, responsibility and the personality to accomplish all the duties of the office. This will hold judges accountable when voters elect the judges in Texas. On the other hand, the cons are eliminating the participation of direct Texas voters for judges who plays a big role on making critical decisions that impact many people, corporations and the state of Texas. Part 2 When it comes to death penalty many will be against it and others for it. However, death penalty is not a bad thing but it also depends on the case or crime which will lead to the deserved punishment. Death penalty should not be abolished in Texas but not every committed crime should end with an

execution. The fact that Texas has executed numerous people per year might not be a good thing because some of those people deserved to be punished differently and face their consequences. On the other hand, punishing an innocent person can also lead to executing them after being wrongly convicted for a crime they did not commit. Travis Mullis did the worse to an innocent 3 moth old that didn’t deserve any of that. He also

attempted to solicit an eight year old for sex. He now thinks he deserves to die but he should not be executed, instead he deserves indefinite detention and should face the consequences for his actions. According to Katherine Lam, Fox News, Mullis wants to die as soon as possible to not receive, suffer and experience his deserved punishment. For instance, death penalty is good and it will bother me for Mullis to just be

sentence to death because he deserve to suffer in a cell for an eternity. He deserves the right and equal punishment for the crime he committed. Response 2 One of the pros of electing our own judge is that the election means that the public is accountable. When the judges are based upon an election they must appeal to the public. They must prove fairness and adherence to the law, to keep citizens invested in keeping them elected and they are not so much focused on donations and endorsements. Another pro to electing our own judges is that the elections may

build confidence in the government. Many citizens feel as if large corporations are in the pocket of some city’s judges. Some people also believe that there is not enough separation between the branches of government and the checks and balances. Appointment instead of electing also gives off that belief. A con in electing our own judges is that many judges running do does not have an opponent. There are not enough people entering the campaign and it means that many of the judges end up being in that position for years without having someone run against them. The lack of opposition means that the accountability of the public is eliminated altogether in some situations. Another con is that some of the judges are more focused on electability over adherence to the laws. Elected judges rely on being liked by the people and that sometimes is reflected in their court decisions. Some judges will more likely rule on popular opini8on versus what is legally fair and right. In fact, most judges during election years are more likely to give a harsher ruling to petty crimes simply to persuade the community that they are hard on criminals. Texas relies on voters to sort through pages of ballots, figuring out which candidates are fit to put on the judicial robes. The voters in this case have information on the candidates and can draw their own conclusions. Other states have retention elections where judges are given the opportunity to do their job without attracting anger in the voters to get them tossed out of office. In Texas judges are influenced by outside influences like political donors and interest groups to influence the outcome of the courts and the outcomes in specific cases. Voters then have chances to vote out judges they do not like in office. Good judges support all these systems as well as hate them. Good picks might turn out to be a terror in a black robe, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Part 2 The death penalty is both good and bad. Some of the pro arguments of the death penalty is that it is needed for criminals who have committed crimes of the worst kind. It is assumed that this punishment will deter criminals and that the supreme court has upheld the death penalty as constitutional. People who argue that the death penalty is a deterrent for capital crimes such as murder and terrorism. Some people also argue that an eye for an eye is appropriate, and that the punishment should match the crime. Some people say that the arguments against the death penalty are that it is cruel and unusual punishment and unconstitutional. People

perpetuate that it is disproportional to people of color which is inaccurate. The race that has the most statistically executed persons are the Caucasians, being more likely to receive the death penalty. Some people also say that life without parole would be more constitutional and

should be considered even if the prisoner never receives that privilege. Opponents who argue that the death penalty is not a deterrent from capital crimes committed. Also, people that argue against the death penalty say that it does not bring justice to the victim’s family. There are

some reasons to abolish the death penalty. One reason is the risk of executing someone who is innocent. No matter how developed our justice system is, it will always remain susceptible to failure. Another reason is that the public’s opinion is not a major obstacle for abolition. Public support for the death penalty does not mean that taking a human life is right. It is the job of a leading public figure and politicians to find

incompatibly of capital punishment with human rights and human dignity. Yes, I believe he should have the death penalty and be executed. He admitted to molesting and killing his 3-month-old son. I also believe he should sit in prison and get what other people in the system give to baby killers and child molesters. This is all my own opinion as that is how I have read the question